Benefits of Fitness Classes

We are six months into the year and those fitness goals are starting to hang over many us. With warm weather making an appearance here in Bethlehem, that “beach bod” we’ve been working towards is something that is front and center. If you’re starting to get a little bit frustrated with the process or you’re looking for a new challenge, one of the best things that you can do is sign up for a fitness class.

Steel Fitness offers a selection of classes that make it easy for you to prioritize your health and stay on track. If you’ve never participated in one of these classes, here are a few of the reasons you might fall in love with them.


Something New to Try

If you’re experiencing a plateau that’s frustrating you, it may be because your body is getting accustomed to the workout that you’ve been doing. If you have been doing something similar for the last couple of months, then it is just about time to switch it up. These different classes allow for you to try something new whenever you feel like it while still getting a workout that challenges you.

If you’re nervous because you’ve never tried the class before, don’t fret. We’ll cover a little bit more of how you can shake these nerves later on in the blog.


High Energy Environment

Something that we love about classes is the high energy environment that is inevitable each and every class. Whether you’ve tried the class before or it’s something that you’re doing for the first time, you’re never alone in the challenge. Everyone that is in that class had to start somewhere, and they’re only going to support you as you make your way through the workout.

If you’re someone that loves having a group to cheer them on, then these classes are something you definitely need to give a shot!


Easy to Modify Workouts

The saying goes:

“If you want something that you’ve never had before, you need to do something that you’ve never done before.” – Thomas Jefferson

This quote applies to so many aspects of health, but when we’re talking about the goals that you have for your fitness and the types of activities that you’d like to try out – you need to get out there! Don’t let the classes intimidate you — we have made it so that each of these classes offer easy to modify opportunities so that each and every individual in that classroom, regardless of their experience, can gain something.

If you’ve never participated before, feel free to schedule a time with one of our trainers or teachers and have them walk you through some of the more common moves, that way you at least have an idea of what you’ll be getting into before the class. Even without the preparation, you absolutely will be able to rock that first class.

If you’re ready to spice up your summer workout, stop by your local gym in Bethlehem and try out one of our classes. Browse the schedule here and stop in to enjoy any of the classes that spike your interest. We look forward to pushing your goals to the next level. Stop by Steel Fitness today!


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