6 Tips for Effective Workout Recovery

So you’ve been working out for a little while now, and things seem to be going well, but you can’t help but feel achy and sore for days after you hit the gym. If you ignore post-workout recovery, you’ll end up doing yourself more harm than good. We recently took a look at some of the best foods to eat to help your muscles recover, but today we’re going to broaden the scope a bit. We’ve gathered these tips to help you master effective workout recovery practices to keep you healthy as you pursue your fitness goals. Need some extra help with making your goals a reality? Call Steel Fitness Riverport in Bethlehem to learn about our exercise classes and personal training programs.

-Plan Ahead

We’ve all been there. You’re starting to see results and you’re hitting your stride in your workout regimen. The last thing you want to do is slow down, right? Wrong! The human body, while exceptionally adaptable, still needs rest in order to rebuild itself. The process of working out creates small tears in your muscles, which are then repaired to make them stronger. However, if you don’t give your muscles the opportunity to repair themselves, you risk doing greater damage and causing injury. To avoid this, lay out a plan for your workout schedule. Every three to five weeks, plan for a recovery week. This doesn’t mean you’ll take the whole week off, it just means you’ll do half your normal routine with reduced weight. That will ensure you’re still staying active, while not taxing your body beyond its limits.

-Recovery Time

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t also be planning days where you do get some rest. It is recommended to space out your workouts at least 24–72 hours apart to give your body ample opportunity to heal. This is vital to help stem the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), which can make your muscles feel overly tender and stiff while reducing the range of motion in your joints and muscle flexibility. DOMS can make even an easy workout much more difficult to get through, so even if you don’t want to take a full day off from your exercise, at the very least space out the time between working the same muscle groups to give them a chance to recover while you work on other parts of your body.

-Sleep it Off

One of the best feelings after a great workout is that knowledge that you’re going to get a great night of sleep. In fact, sleeping is one of the most important pieces of an overall fitness puzzle. As you sleep, resting helps rebuild and repair your body, while restoring your energy to help you get back to it the next day. Through your sleep cycle, hormones will be secreted and circulated to help with this recovery process. Studies have shown that without enough sleep, your body will be less able to tolerate your training, put you in a worse mood, and make you feel even more exhausted than you might be. With eight hours of sleep every night, you’ll be rejuvenated enough to keep working your way to your fitness goal.

-Drink More Water

How many times have you heard it? You need to drink more water. You need to stay hydrated. It goes on and on, but the reality is, it’s the truth. Staying well-hydrated helps your body function properly. After all, most of our body is made up of water, so naturally, it should factor prominently into your workout routine and daily life. Make sure you’re drinking enough water to avoid performance issues and recovery problems.

-Eat Right

Not too long ago, we posted a blog that discussed the best foods to eat to help your muscles recover. Even beyond that, what you eat plays a massive part in your pursuit of health. Not only does your diet affect how much energy you have to get through your workout and how well you recover, but it also plays a part in how your body responds to your exercise. One of the personal trainers at Steel Fitness Riverport will be more than happy to help you put together a nutrition plan suited to your needs.

-Get the Massage?

Studies show that getting a massage is exceptionally helpful to help your body recover. A good massage can help to reduce stiff muscles, boost your body’s circulation ability, and help you relax. This will help you get to sleep easier and make the next day’s workout feel less like a monumental task. Schedule an appointment with your favorite massage therapist for after your workout to help relieve some of the pain and soreness that can come from exercising.

Working out can be tough and painful, but you can make it a bit easier on yourself with the proper post-workout recovery practices. Keep these tips in mind to ensure you don’t cause an injury and get the most out of your exercise routine. We know it can be tough to know exactly what to do to meet your fitness goals, which is why Steel Fitness Riverport in Bethlehem is here to help. Whether you want the one-on-one attention of a personal trainer or you are looking for the social motivation that comes with a group exercise class, we have what you need to meet your goals. Call us today to learn more!

Benefits of Group Exercise Classes

Whether you’re looking for something to liven up your current workout routine or you’re making a new effort to get in shape, a group exercise class might be the perfect fit for you. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the many benefits of working out in a group class to show you how it can help you meet your fitness goals. Want to learn more? Call Steel Fitness in Bethlehem to learn about the classes we offer.


It can be tough to muster up the energy to work out sometimes, especially when you’re doing it alone. With the communal atmosphere provided by a group exercise class, it creates a sense of camaraderie, bringing everyone together with a united fitness goal. This ends up being incredible for your motivation because you’ll want to push harder and keep going while helping your classmates reach their goals as well. If you have been having trouble getting motivated to exercise, a class might be just what the doctor ordered.


Unless you’re extremely experienced with exercise and fitness, it can be tough to determine what routine you need to do in order to meet your goals. It takes a lot of planning and research, something which can often deter people from working out. With a group exercise class, you have the structure in place with a qualified instructor leading the way. This lets you focus on exercising instead of planning. A class will provide you with a curated workout regimen, complete with warm-up and cool-down periods to help you avoid injury.


When you don’t know the proper form for an exercise, you can do more harm than good. In fact, doing an exercise with improper form is worse than not doing the exercise at all, as it can result in injuries that prevent you from making progress. Not only will an instructor teach you the proper form, they will give you feedback to ensure you’re sticking to it so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt.


With so many different types of group classes out there, you have plenty to choose from (as intense as CrossFit to easygoing yoga). Test one out, see if it is fun and a good fit for you. If you don’t enjoy it, you can give something else a shot. This variety also makes it helpful for muscle confusion, which boosts your metabolism and can make progress occur more quickly. Variety also helps you avoid getting bored.


Something that goes hand-in-hand with the motivational aspect of group exercise is the added benefit of accountability. Working out with a group of people who have similar goals creates a sense of camaraderie, investing everyone in the success of the class. If you’ve felt like you are able to make excuses to get out of working out, a class might give you the accountability you need to keep going.


Working out on your own can get pretty lonely. When you workout in a group environment, exercise becomes a fun and exciting social experience. Being around people with similar goals, going through the same activities and aches, talking and playing around to upbeat music all combine to make for a fun time. If you’re looking for a way to be more social and meet new people while you get fit, give a group exercise class a shot!

So what do you think? Are you ready to give group exercise a shot? At Steel Fitness, we offer nearly 60 group classes every week, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for you. Instead of searching for exercise classes in Bethlehem, call Steel Fitness to get information about our class schedule.


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Best Foods for Muscle Recovery

One of the most classic fitness lines you’ve probably heard is “Feel the burn,” stemming from the slight burning sensation you get in your muscles as you’re working out. While a little bit of that can feel good — a sign of a good workout — when it gets severe it can make exercising a pain. As you likely know, the food you eat is just as big a part of your fitness regimen as the exercises you do. If you’re looking to minimize that severe muscle pain, you need to eat the right foods to nourish your muscles as they recover. With that in mind, here are some of the best foods you can eat for muscle recovery. Looking for a gym in Bethlehem? Come to Steel Fitness!

-Blueberries and Cherries

Studies have found that blueberries and cherries are packed with nutrients that help to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), so they’re a perfect snack to munch on after your workout. Not only are they a good source of antioxidants and vitamin C, but cherries also have an added bonus of melatonin. Why is that important? Your body needs rest in order to properly recover following a workout. Melatonin helps you sleep, which is a positive benefit for insomniacs and easy sleepers alike.
Don’t like blueberries or cherries? Raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and plums can also help out your muscles. An important thing to keep in mind if you make your protein shakes with cow milk is that the proteins within it may cause issues with your body’s antioxidant activity. It’s a good idea to wait about an hour after you’ve had a whey protein shake before eating your berries to get the most out of them.

-Leafy Greens

A good salad with leafy greens is full of nutrients that help improve your metabolism, so they’re great to eat when your fitness goals include losing weight. Additionally, they feature compounds that help to reduce inflammation, which is what is causing that burning pain in your muscles. They also give you low-glycemic energy, which means you won’t have to deal with a spike in your blood sugar. There’s never a bad time to eat these greens, because they’re high in good carbs, low in calories, and high in overall nutrients. Avoid fatty salad dressings, as they are often loaded with sodium and sugar.

-High-Glycemic Fruits and Starches

Maybe you’re looking to replenish your muscles’ glycogen storage and rehydrate. If so, high-glycemic fruits like watermelon, pineapple, and kiwi are perfect for this. They also contain a lot of the nutrients our body needs, so they’ll help you out a lot, along with antioxidant compounds that help promote tissue repair and recovery. Starches like potatoes are another great option, as they have a bit of every nutrient we need. Mix it up with some squash or sweet potatoes if you get tired of your standard spuds.


Few things are as good for muscle recovery as the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish. This is because they improve your body’s cellular signaling and help reduce inflammation. While fish oil supplements can be convenient, actually eating the fish will likely have more effect, thanks to the additional protein and nutrients that supplements don’t include. Cod and salmon are both ideal choices for reducing inflammation and recovery, but other fish can fit the bill as well.


As a good source of omega-6 fats, almonds are exceptionally good at aiding with the recovery process, especially when it comes to high-intensity exercises like HIIT. They have the added benefit of improving energy use and antioxidant capacity. While almonds are one of the best options, other nuts such as Brazil nuts and walnuts are great thanks to their nutrient- and mineral-rich content.

There are many more foods that are great to eat to help your muscles recover after a workout, but we hope this list acts as a jumping-off point for you. Your diet impacts your fitness just as much as the workout you choose, so it’s important to pay attention to what you eat and how it affects you. If you’re looking for a locally owned gym that cares about your success, look no further than Steel Fitness Riverport. We’re here to help you reach your goals. Call us today to learn how you can get a free 3-day all-access pass!

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Plyometrics Exercises: What You Need To Know

Plyometric workouts (or “plyo,” for short) have been espoused by elite athletes for years, and they’ve recently gained traction in the general fitness world.

Plyo workouts essentially involve jumping, skipping, hopping, and one-legged bounces. If your mind immediately harkened back to your playground days, you’re not too far off-base. In fact, plyometric workouts used to be referred to as “jump training.”

Our elementary-school selves were onto something, though, as plyometric workouts have distinct health and fitness benefits.

Here’s what you need to know about plyometric workouts as you consider adding them to your fitness routine.

What Can I Expect From a Plyometric Workout?

We mentioned that plyo workouts involve jumping, but it’s much more structured than that. Throughout a plyometric workout, you engage in a series of explosive jumps, jump squats, and one-leg hops.

Every time you perform a jump and land it, you stretch and fire your muscles. This combination of stretching and contracting (landing and jumping again) is one of the best ways to work your leg muscles.

Unlike cardio or core exercises, you don’t want to add plyo to your routine on a daily basis. Your muscles will need a break after such intense exercise, so incorporate plyo about every three days.

What Are the Benefits of A Plyometric Workout?

While plyo shouldn’t constitute the bulk of your fitness routine, it can be a great option for athletes who want to condition their fast-twitch muscles.

Plyo simulates the explosive muscle movements you’d perform during basketball (jump shots), baseball or softball (an infielder fielding a far-away grounder), tennis (a serve), volleyball (a spike), and just about any high-paced athletic competition you could think of.

If you want to be at the top of your athletic game, you should strongly consider plyo workouts.

Additionally, plyo adds a dynamic energy to your workout. If you get bored running for miles on a treadmill, plyo is a much faster-paced workout you can perform.

Even if you’re not an athlete but want to strengthen your legs and glutes, plyo could work for you.

Where Can I Do a Plyo Workout?

At our local gym in Bethlehem, we have the boxes and fitness space you need for a plyo routine. Our state-of-the-art fitness floor has ample space so that you can engage in this dynamic workout without worrying about falling onto the elliptical next to you.

If you’re just establishing a fitness routine or want more guidance for a plyo workout, consider working with one of our personal trainers. Let them know your fitness goals and ask them if plyometrics makes sense for your body.

Plyo Workouts at Steel Fitness Riverport

To take your fitness routine to new heights (literally, see how high you can jump after a few weeks of plyo training), join Steel Fitness Riverport today.

We’re a great option for anyone who’s searched “gym near me” to no avail, or for those specifically seeking plyo training.

Register for a free three-day pass today and see what we’re all about at Steel Fitness Riverport!

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Joint Protection Tips

While there are innumerable benefits to working out and establishing a dedicated fitness routine, there are only a few downsides.

One potential obstacle, if not preempted, involves joint pain associated with high-impact workouts. If your body isn’t used to running on a treadmill, you might notice some achy knees. Similarly, if you’ve never taken a HIIT workout class before and now you go a few times per week, your shoulders and ankles might be giving you a bit of trouble.

The solution to joint pain during a workout isn’t to stop working out; instead, you should take precaution and strategically choose your workout so that you can have a sustainable, healthy fitness routine.

Our local gym in Bethlehem, Steel Fitness Riverport, is committed to educating our clients so that they feel empowered and comfortable in the gym.

Consider these tips from Steel Fitness Riverport to minimize joint pain as you exercise.

1. Find Proper Fitting Shoes and Insoles

If you’ve always had knee, hip, and ankle pain, finding the right pair of shoes can make all the difference in the world. Don’t just put on any old flimsy running shoe. It’s worth the investment to go to a local shoe store, have your stride analyzed, and buy a shoe that fits your foot correctly.

Similarly, consider a shoe insole or orthotic for added support. New shoe insoles on the market, such as those from NOENE as seen on Shark Tank, use shock-absorbing technology to disperse harmful vibrations associated with impact.

If you have existing conditions such as arthritis, be sure to consult with your doctor to get their opinion as well.

2. Take Low-Impact Group Exercise Classes

One of the best ways to ensure you’re training in a safe manner is to take group exercise classes. We highly recommend spinning, anti-gravity fitness, and yoga.

By design, these group fitness classes are low-impact yet high-intensity workouts. You still get a great sweat without needing to do squat jumps or treadmill runs.

Check out our group fitness schedule today to find a class that works at our local gym in Bethlehem.

3. Hire a Personal Trainer

If you experience chronic pain or significant joint pain, working with a personal trainer might be your best bet for a safe fitness regimen. Each of the personal trainers at our local gym is certified and experienced — it’s their job to tailor workouts to fit the individual needs of their clients, and they have the exercise science background to do so effectively.

For more information about personal trainers at our local gym, check out the personal training page.

Finding a Gym Nearby

Steel Fitness Riverport is a premier fitness club in Bethlehem. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art workout floor, outdoor training, group exercise classes, and luxury locker rooms. We also partner with Steel Fitness Premier in Allentown, so you can access their aquatic center, group classes, and gym nearby.

Become a member of Steel Fitness Riverport today, and develop a fitness routine with longevity in mind.


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The Importance of Drinking Water During a Workout

A workout is loaded with things that can distract you. From the reps that you’re trying to get to the focus that you have throughout each exercise, it’s incredibly easy to forget to fuel your body during the workout. While there are so many things that you can do to fuel your body, the best thing that you could do is drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.

Today’s blog is going to be focused on the importance of water intake and how it affects your workout as a whole, but also how your body can hurt when you don’t provide it with enough water.


Detox Your Body

One of the many benefits of fueling your body with water is that the water in your body detoxes your body on a daily basis. When your body sweats and breathes, it’s using the water in your body to help push those toxins out and leave your body clean and healthy. When your body doesn’t have enough water in it, it’s unable to push those toxins out.

You may correlate skin breakouts, bloating, and various other downfalls to the times that you didn’t drink enough water, and that’s because your body is unable to push those toxins out. When it’s unable to do so, it has to reap the consequences of the toxins which is what those less than pleasant effects are due to.


Dehydration is No Joke

It’s very easy to get dehydrated, and more often than not, our bodies are close to getting to that point. When it gets to extreme levels, dehydration can create kidney failure, troubles with your liver, extreme overheating, heat exhaustion, and more. The longer that you deprive your body of water, the more extreme the symptoms and side effects will be.

When it comes to your workout, the amount that you’re sweating will also affect the level of dehydration that you experience. If you’re sweating a lot, and not refueling your body with water, then you’re going to get dehydrated much quicker. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you’ll want to drink water accordingly.


Muscle Repair

Another essential part of working out is the repair of your muscles. If you’re pushing yourself to the limit when you go and workout, then you’re going to need to be considering just what your body needs to avoid an injury. One of the best things to help your muscles recover is water. For that reason, it’s vital that you’re not only drinking water before or during your workout but that you’re continuing to hydrate your body long after the workout as well.

If you’re finishing up your workout and you’re about to leave the gym, fill up your water bottle and make sure that you have plenty of water to keep drinking on the way home. Your body will thank you for this every single time.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the benefits that drinking water will have on your body, but countless others have long-term effects on your health and your body. Whether you’re living an active lifestyle or you’re taking steps to improving your health, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and during each workout. Just swapping out one to two drinks that you have that aren’t water each day will provide your body with so many benefits.

As you stop by your local gym in Bethlehem this summer, make sure that you have plenty of water to keep you fueled throughout your workout! We can’t wait for you to stop in.


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Benefits of Fitness Classes

We are six months into the year and those fitness goals are starting to hang over many us. With warm weather making an appearance here in Bethlehem, that “beach bod” we’ve been working towards is something that is front and center. If you’re starting to get a little bit frustrated with the process or you’re looking for a new challenge, one of the best things that you can do is sign up for a fitness class.

Steel Fitness offers a selection of classes that make it easy for you to prioritize your health and stay on track. If you’ve never participated in one of these classes, here are a few of the reasons you might fall in love with them.


Something New to Try

If you’re experiencing a plateau that’s frustrating you, it may be because your body is getting accustomed to the workout that you’ve been doing. If you have been doing something similar for the last couple of months, then it is just about time to switch it up. These different classes allow for you to try something new whenever you feel like it while still getting a workout that challenges you.

If you’re nervous because you’ve never tried the class before, don’t fret. We’ll cover a little bit more of how you can shake these nerves later on in the blog.


High Energy Environment

Something that we love about classes is the high energy environment that is inevitable each and every class. Whether you’ve tried the class before or it’s something that you’re doing for the first time, you’re never alone in the challenge. Everyone that is in that class had to start somewhere, and they’re only going to support you as you make your way through the workout.

If you’re someone that loves having a group to cheer them on, then these classes are something you definitely need to give a shot!


Easy to Modify Workouts

The saying goes:

“If you want something that you’ve never had before, you need to do something that you’ve never done before.” – Thomas Jefferson

This quote applies to so many aspects of health, but when we’re talking about the goals that you have for your fitness and the types of activities that you’d like to try out – you need to get out there! Don’t let the classes intimidate you — we have made it so that each of these classes offer easy to modify opportunities so that each and every individual in that classroom, regardless of their experience, can gain something.

If you’ve never participated before, feel free to schedule a time with one of our trainers or teachers and have them walk you through some of the more common moves, that way you at least have an idea of what you’ll be getting into before the class. Even without the preparation, you absolutely will be able to rock that first class.

If you’re ready to spice up your summer workout, stop by your local gym in Bethlehem and try out one of our classes. Browse the schedule here and stop in to enjoy any of the classes that spike your interest. We look forward to pushing your goals to the next level. Stop by Steel Fitness today!


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Preparing for Anti-Gravity Fitness Classes

When you think of an anti-gravity fitness class, do you picture NASA-esque space simulators where your body is floating through the air? Or maybe you’re thinking of the moment in Harry Potter when Harry experiences flying on a broomstick for the first time.

Either way, the concept of “anti-gravity” fitness certainly conjures up some intense images.

In reality, though, anti-gravity fitness classes are a form of aerial exercise that comes with distinct benefits — not to mention, they’re really fun.

If you’re already convinced to try acrobatic fitness for these reasons, the next step is preparing yourself for this type of class.

Preparing for Anti-Gravity Fitness Classes

Anti-gravity fitness classes involve being suspended in an elevated hammock as you exercise. Although you flow through familiar exercises from yoga, pilates, and calisthenics, the aerial aspect of the class certainly adds an added challenge.

To maximize your fitness class experience, keep these tips in mind as you prepare for class.

  1. Find a gym that offers anti-gravity classes near you: Keep in mind that because anti-gravity fitness takes a particular environment and the right equipment, these exercise classes aren’t offered everywhere. Luckily, our local gym in Bethlehem offers anti-gravity fitness classes as part of our group exercise class offerings.
  2. Do not wear jewelry, belts, clothing with studs, etc.: Because you are suspended in a hammock (made specifically for exercise, not lounging), you do not want to wear anything that might cause a snag. Take off rings, earrings, necklaces, and be mindful that you do not wear any clothing with studs, gems, or anything else that might rip the material.
  3. Avoid baggy or loose-fitting clothing: Being prepared to invert your body means wearing clothing that won’t lift up. The last thing you want is to be constantly grabbing your shirt or tucking it in as you exercise. Consider wearing tight leggings or spandex, too, so that your shorts do not ride completely up.
  4. Do not use lotion or sunscreen before class: Lotion and sunscreen are slippery, and “slippery” is not a good adjective to have anywhere near “anti-gravity” fitness. You will need a firm grip as you learn to maneuver the hammock, so do yourself a favor and skip the lotion before class. Additionally, you do not want any potentially irritating products to rub onto the hammock, as other people will use the equipment as well.
  5. Save eating and drinking for after class: It’s never the best idea to eat a full meal before any type of exercise, and this is especially true of the fitness involves inverting your body. You are more likely to feel dizzy or sick if you have a full stomach. Stay hydrated, of course, and eat a little snack, but don’t get too full before class.

Watch a class so you know what to expect: Whenever we try something new, it’s easy for our imaginations to get the best of us. If you can, stop by our local gym in Bethlehem to spectate an anti-gravity fitness class. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. You can also watch a video of an anti-gravity class in action on our website to get a feel for the class!

Steel Fitness Riverport

Our local gym in Bethlehem chose to offer anti-gravity fitness classes because they are extremely beneficial and a nice way to reinvigorate a tired fitness routine.

Come see why anti-gravity exercise is all the rage these days at Steel Fitness Riverport in Bethlehem.

If anti-gravity classes aren’t right for you, check out the 60 other group fitness classes offered on our weekly schedule!

Not a Steel Fitness Riverport member yet but want to try these classes? Sign up for a free three-day trial today!


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Benefits of Off-Season Training

As the parent of an athlete, you know first-hand the role that sports play in positive development.

Sports are the way your kid stays active, gets outside, makes friends, has positive role models, develops discipline and passion, takes on leadership roles…we could go on forever.

Athletics are truly a foundation for our children and teenagers, and they have increasingly become a way for young adults to connect to their school and local communities.

Over the summer, Steel Fitness Riverport, a local gym in Bethlehem, is offering sports-specific off-season training (S.O.S.) precisely for this reason.

Benefits of Off-Season Training

Aside from further connecting your kid to the sports they love, there are many advantages to signing your kid up for a summer training camp.

Consider the advantages below as you decide whether a sports-specific training camp might be the right activity for your child this summer.

1. Preparation for Fall Try-Outs

If you have a high schooler, you know how important it is to make a Varsity team. If you have a rising freshman or an athlete who has played on JV teams for the last few years, a sports-specific training camp is one of the best ways to ensure that they get the Varsity letter.

Even if the local high school has “off-season” training, chances are it’s just lifting a few weights and getting in good face time with coaches. At Steel Fitness Riverport, however, our program involves comprehensive training to develop strength, speed, and endurance geared specifically toward the sport your child plays.

At tryouts, your kid will outshine the competition; after all, they’ve been working hard and getting stronger all summer, while other teens might have just been sitting around playing video games.

2. Giving the Edge for Making a Travel Team

Travel team tryouts usually occur at the end of summer, especially for fall or year-round sports such as softball, baseball, and basketball.

If your kid has struggled to make a travel or club team (or wants to make a better one), then a sports-specific training regimen is another way to set them apart. Our youth program supplements the skills that your child develops at sports practice by focusing on specific muscle groups, cardiovascular stamina, and fast-twitch responses.

Steel Fitness Riverport

Being physically fit as a young person is a key to health as an adult. Sign your child up for S.O.S. today at our local gym in Bethlehem.


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How To Set Personal Fitness Goals

If you’ve taken any business class, you’ve probably heard of the concept of a SMART goal — one that is specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, and time-sensitive.

SMART goals make sense, but what if you’re trying to set a goal about a topic you know barely anything about and have little experience in? For those who want to live a healthier lifestyle and make fitness a priority, this is often a reality. We might know that we want to lose weight, get more muscle tone, and generally live a more active life, but it’s really hard to set much narrower goals than that.

Unfortunately, when we have goals that are too broad, they’re usually easier for us to give up or fail to reach. As such, we have developed this resource for people who want to commit to SMART fitness goals, but who might not know where to start.

Hire a Personal Trainer

This is almost the only piece of advice we need to give, as personal trainers will aid you in not only setting realistic fitness goals, but will also be there every step of the way to ensure you meet them. Instead of feeling aimless on a fitness floor at your local gym — hopping on the treadmill not because you want to but because it’s the only exercise you feel comfortable doing — signing up with a personal trainer will give direction to your fitness training.

When you communicate your general fitness goal to a personal trainer, they will be able to translate “weight loss” into specific, measurable steps, such as, “achieve 186-pound weight by this date.” Indeed, they can also provide weekly weigh-ins so you can see how much progress you are making toward your weight loss goal.

With personal training at our local gym in Bethlehem, you also have more diverse options than just working out with a fitness coach. You can engage in small group training or sign up for a specialized weight loss program called Body Transformation (BT12).

In any type of personal training, you can set specific goals and give yourself a plan for achieving them.

Consult with a Doctor

Getting a sense of your overall health can also help you to set SMART fitness goals. If your blood tests show any sign of blood pressure concern, for instance, your goal might be to lower your blood pressure to a healthy rate, as determined by your doctor. Similarly, if you want to lose weight, your doctor will be able to tell you a healthy body-mass-index for you, and you can create a fitness goal accordingly.

At your next check-up, don’t be afraid to mention your desire to get healthier. Your health care providers can be a great resource when it comes to wellness goals.

Your Local Gym in Bethlehem

Steel Fitness Premier is a local gym in Bethlehem that offers an inclusive environment for its members. Whether you have a regimented fitness routine or are just starting to commit to a healthier lifestyle, our fitness services can assist you. Learn more and become a member today!


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