Meet Our Trainers

Kira McLendon

International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Personal Trainer

Training Style:
I prefer to incorporate a variety of modalities when it comes to training. In each of my routines I like to intertwine music and the rhythm of the music whether with resistance training or H.I.I.T workouts. A training session should always be fun and upbeat! 

Unique Training Experience:
I have experience of being a choreographer which reflects in many of my training sessions!

Years of Training:
I have been a personal trainer for 3 years now.

Favorite Fitness Activity:
When I’m not training, I love to dance and participate in CrossFit training!

Aaron Roderick

 B.S. Health and Physical Education – East Stroudsburg University (CPT Cert? Specialty Certs?)

Favorite Fitness Activity:
 I love to do a variety of strength training and interval based training, my favorite is when incorporating bands both with upper and lower body workouts. 

Francisco Cartagena


Training Style: consist of a mix of all the 7 training principles .  

Unique Training Experience: I had the unique opportunity of my own fat loss transformation. I took myself from 250 lbs down to about 175lbs .  

Years of Training: 4 years  

Favorite Fitness Activity: Bodybuilding is very interesting to me . For someone to be able to mold and shape their physique to how they like takes tremendous will power and determination.