Get Sculpted and Sexy with Steel Spin Classes in Bethlehem

Sexy Spin Class

If you’re looking for a fun and invigorating workout that will truly reshape your body and give you a sculpted, sexy look, then you’ll love the spin classes at Steel Fitness Riverport in Bethlehem. Whether you’ve never taken a spin class or you took one years ago and didn’t stick with it, now is the perfect time to hop on a bike and try it out. You’ll quickly see why spin is one of the most popular options at Steel Fitness. These fast-paced, instructor-led classes are specifically designed to give you a killer workout that torches calories and builds long, lean muscles.

What to Expect During a Steel Fitness Spin Class

Steel Fitness in Bethlehem has a dedicated spin studio and professional instructors who are there to make sure you get a great workout every time. Each class participant will choose a stationary bike and then simply follow along as the instructor leads you through a series of intervals that simulate an actual bike ride. The combination of training techniques and motivational strategies used during the class are sure to leave you feeling pumped by the time you’re done.
Spin classes at Steel Fitness utilize MyZone heart rate monitors to help track how hard you’re working and push you to get the most out of every workout. Depending on your fitness level and other factors, you can expect to burn anywhere from 500 to 700 calories during a 60-minute spin class.

Top Benefits of Taking a Spin Class

By using the principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), spin classes effectively turn your body into a fat-burning machine. If you take these classes consistently, you can expect to get lean fast while also building muscle strength and stamina.
Thanks to the heart-pumping music and enthusiastic instructors, you’ll find that you push yourself much harder during a spin class then you would while biking on your own. The group energy is contagious, and as you push through the challenging classes, you’ll also build a stronger sense of mental endurance.
Spinning helps improve your cardiovascular fitness while putting far less stress on your joints than most other forms of cardio exercise. Best of all, you don’t have to think about getting a great workout while you’re spinning. Just follow the instructor’s lead and your body will do the rest.

Tips for Getting Started

Preparing yourself before your first spin class will help make it an enjoyable experience. Although the classes are intense by design, it’s important to understand that you can absolutely go at your own pace. Don’t make the mistake of pushing yourself too hard at first. Instead, take the time to build up your stamina and then try to go a little bit harder each time you hop on your bike.
Always try to arrive a few minutes early so you have time to adjust your bike before class gets started. If you’re not sure how, don’t hesitate to ask your instructor for help. Most importantly, come with a can-do attitude and expect to have fun!

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