The Importance of Drinking Water During a Workout

A workout is loaded with things that can distract you. From the reps that you’re trying to get to the focus that you have throughout each exercise, it’s incredibly easy to forget to fuel your body during the workout. While there are so many things that you can do to fuel your body, the best thing that you could do is drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.

Today’s blog is going to be focused on the importance of water intake and how it affects your workout as a whole, but also how your body can hurt when you don’t provide it with enough water.


Detox Your Body

One of the many benefits of fueling your body with water is that the water in your body detoxes your body on a daily basis. When your body sweats and breathes, it’s using the water in your body to help push those toxins out and leave your body clean and healthy. When your body doesn’t have enough water in it, it’s unable to push those toxins out.

You may correlate skin breakouts, bloating, and various other downfalls to the times that you didn’t drink enough water, and that’s because your body is unable to push those toxins out. When it’s unable to do so, it has to reap the consequences of the toxins which is what those less than pleasant effects are due to.


Dehydration is No Joke

It’s very easy to get dehydrated, and more often than not, our bodies are close to getting to that point. When it gets to extreme levels, dehydration can create kidney failure, troubles with your liver, extreme overheating, heat exhaustion, and more. The longer that you deprive your body of water, the more extreme the symptoms and side effects will be.

When it comes to your workout, the amount that you’re sweating will also affect the level of dehydration that you experience. If you’re sweating a lot, and not refueling your body with water, then you’re going to get dehydrated much quicker. Depending on the intensity of your workout, you’ll want to drink water accordingly.


Muscle Repair

Another essential part of working out is the repair of your muscles. If you’re pushing yourself to the limit when you go and workout, then you’re going to need to be considering just what your body needs to avoid an injury. One of the best things to help your muscles recover is water. For that reason, it’s vital that you’re not only drinking water before or during your workout but that you’re continuing to hydrate your body long after the workout as well.

If you’re finishing up your workout and you’re about to leave the gym, fill up your water bottle and make sure that you have plenty of water to keep drinking on the way home. Your body will thank you for this every single time.

We’ve only mentioned a few of the benefits that drinking water will have on your body, but countless others have long-term effects on your health and your body. Whether you’re living an active lifestyle or you’re taking steps to improving your health, remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day and during each workout. Just swapping out one to two drinks that you have that aren’t water each day will provide your body with so many benefits.

As you stop by your local gym in Bethlehem this summer, make sure that you have plenty of water to keep you fueled throughout your workout! We can’t wait for you to stop in.


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